Kid’s Time – Jar Of Life Experiment

How full can our “Jars of Life” really be?

Golfballs representing the important things in life like God, Mom, Dad, Friends, health, church, pets.  Glass marbles added are the things that start filling our lives like school, jobs, cleaning our rooms…is the jar of life full?  Sand is added and fills in around all the things in our lives and represent the small stuff in our lives like bad things people say and do, staying mad at someone, making fun of someone…Now is our jar of life full?  We pour water in the jar of life representing God’s love for us…it gets between all the things in our lives from the important things in life to the small stuff.  Whenever you think that your life is too full and busy and there isn’t any more room in that jar, God wants us to know that no matter what… there is always room for Him in our lives…just like the water.  He is saying….I’ve got you, I love you so very much, I will carry you through this, I forgive you and telling us to not sweat the small stuff and concentrate on the important things in life like being kind to others, family, friends, church and always putting Him first in our lives.  God is good!

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