Church Council

One of the most important things that church members and visitors are looking for is effective and engaging leadership in a church.

Leadership in churches is about far more than just a title. It’s about how leaders engage with the church community.

It’s those leaders that inspire members to keep coming back and help grow the church. Without the right leaders, it’s difficult for a church to continue to thrive for generations.

Our leadership team are called by God to serve and elected to their roles as humble servants and are critical in our church growth.

Pastor:  Rev. Dr. Debra Hanson

Pastor’s Assistant:   David Richards

Lay Leader:   Susan Sarosiek

Church Council Chair:   Susan Sarosiek

Staff Parish Relations Chair:   Christine Williams

Finance/Trustee Chair: John VanReenen & Vice Chair Dave Richards

Finance Secretary:   Nancy Chesser

Church Treasurer:   Linda Reiber

Asst. Treasurer:   John VanReenen

Director of Music:   Bevan Bloemendaal

Organist:   Bevan Bloemendaal

Mission/Outreach Team:   Coordinator:  Susan Richards

Nominating and Lay Leadership Chair:   Rev. Dr. Debra Hanson

Nominating and Lay Leadership Co-chair:    Susan Sarosiek

Recording Secretary:   Sue Richards

Nurture Chair:   TBD

Church Historian:   Evelyn Laux

Camp Booster:   Susan Richards

Christian Education Team:   Rev. Dr. Debra Hanson and David Richards