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Say Hi To Brett Bloemendaal

Brett talks to us about his memoir “Fishing For More”…What are you willing to let go in order to obtain the life you truly want? In this honest and intimate debut memoir, Brett discards any widely-held notions of a successful life and sets out to write his own script.

Stuck in a tedious corporate life and suffering from a declining physical state, the memories of father/son fishing trips consume the author. After the passing of his grandfather reminds him of the precious time he has left with his own dad, he suggests they purchase a boat together. While reacquainting themselves with the craft of walleye fishing and the vagaries of boat ownership, an unexpected momentum builds toward a potential way out of the corporate grind. As visions of a fishing guide business quickly take shape, he is faced with a massive career choice; hold on to the perceived financial security of a company job or throw it all away to follow his passion. Testing the waters becomes a cathartic process both of personal growth and reacquaintance with his old, childhood self.

A must read for fishing and outdoors enthusiasts, however the powerful reflections on life and purpose alongside vivid descriptions of the author’s fishing adventures have made this memoir a favorite for a wide variety of readers. Whether you’re looking to find yourself, recreate yourself, or just need a vicarious escape from the tedium of life, this relatable story of adventure is sure to inspire you. Brett’s genuine yet mildly irreverent style will have you laughing one page, crying the next, and give you a sense of hope for your own personal journey.

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