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Art & Music Video Series

Take a digital journey to some incredible cities around the world and stand amazed with their street art, musicians sharing their gifts of music or learn how to take better pictures.

All this from the comfort of your couch… enjoy!

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Meet Amy Tauchert

Art installations, travel and art history are passions for Amy and she shares this while taking us all on virtual tours of what she has been fortunate to see and be inspired by.  Enjoy and Get Lost In Art!

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Meet Kaya Sarosiek

Kaya currently bounces between coastal Florida and the seacoast of New Hampshire regions. She makes music that she hopes inspires others and brings some joy and peace into a world so full of chaos and hate. Enjoy!

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Say Hi to Nicole

Nicole Richards is originally from Dover, NH and currently lives in Denmark. We get to tag along with her in one of the most friendliest Countries in the world. Enjoy!

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