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Planet Rangers

At Planet Rangers, the mission is to inspire those with a passion for learning and a thirst for adventure.  Families find culture, creativity, and community in their after school programs and summer camps.

During the school year, kids make new friends as they explore exotic cultures and exciting moments in history. In Egypt, they make crocodile pastries and Om Ali. They create our own ancient artifacts with clay and fabric and paint and along the way, by living the history, they learn about Howard Carter and King Tut. They discover the geography while making salt maps, learn to write in hieroglyphics on paper they’ve aged themselves, and create their own Egyptian costumes. From playing mummy tag to a surprise visit by King Tut’s grieving wife, the culture comes alive. Sessions often conclude with a culture sharing, game playing visit to a local nursing home.

At Planet Rangers kids get turned on about learning… not by just sitting back and listening, but by getting into it, playing games that teach… and living the history.  In the summer, activities and skill building are crafted thematically with each week-long camp experience providing opportunities for children to experience the world through a new lens. From the moment kids arrive, they’re immersed in the topic – whether it’s Geology, Wildlife Biology or culinary skills.

Kids make new friends as they learn, explore and share adventures together.  The program is hands-on and kid-focused, with tons of team building designed to help each camper feel accepted, respect each other and stand up and cheer each other on.

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