Church Leadership


Pastor – Rev. Betsy S. Webber

Pastor Betsy has been with the congregation of FUMC Portsmouth since July 2016.    She was raised in Greenland, NH the daughter of John and Ruth Sargent and graduated Portsmouth High School.  After several years as a stay-at-home mother she graduated Magna cum laude in Behavioral Science from what is now Granite State College.  She then went on to Seminary education beginning at Bangor Theological Seminary and completed at the United Methodist Appalachian Local Pastor’s School in Kentucky.  She has been the Pastor in various churches in Maine and in New Hampshire.

Betsy and her husband, Paul raised five children and have 12 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.


Director of Music – Bevan Bloemendaal

Bevan is a Pastor’s kid and a 3rd generation church organist, pianist, choral director and vocalist from the Midwest.  While studying music he traveled Europe as a vocalist and shares his passion of storytelling through the ministry of music.  He believes that if you don’t feel moved to an emotional response he hasn’t done his job.   He has been with FUMC since 2003 and resides in the New England area with his partner of over 2 decades and 4-legged little boy named Jett.

Pastoral Assistant – Dave Richards



Sound Technician – Sue Sarosiek

With a singer/songwriter daughter Sue understands the nuances of overall sound balance, synchronizing, testing and adjusting equipment ensuring that the audible output is one that is fitting to the occasion, song,  and speaker using the equipment.  She has been a member of FUMC now for almost 15 years and is an active part of the church community.

Administrative Assistant – PaulaJ Jacobson


Lay Servants – Sue Sarosiek, John Van Reenen, Dave Richards, Dennis Veilleux, Karen Sarosiek


Church Sexton – Cathy Steinmetz

A daughter of a police officer and one of the original 101 Airborne “Band of Brothers” her role model was kind, sweet, generous and had high standards…we are glad she has brought all of those wonderful attributes to us here at FUMC.  Cathy found her way to NH from Florida over 2 years ago and has learned that you can “learn and grow” through life’s joys and sorrows and we are glad to have her part of our church family.

Coffee Hour Leaders – Ken & Jenya Westbrook