Seacoast Santa of NH

Our Mission is to keep the “MAGIC” of Christmas alive for struggling families with little Santa believers all over the seacoast.

There are many struggling NH families that have it especially tough in the winter, with the added expenses including heat and Santa’s arrival. It can become overwhelming for parents when their child’s expectations that Santa will leave presents, when parents are dealing with a strapped budget as well.  In some cases, children worry that Santa may not come at all.  We are here to help parents and children keep the “magic” of Christmas alive.

We give Santa a hand for little believers. Last year, we kept the magic alive for 200 seacoast kids. Families all over the seacoast, including families from local shelters and transitional homes, who came and received new and gently used toys/clothing for their children. We also offered Christmas decorations and wrapping paper.

We thank the First United Methodist Church of Portsmouth for the use of Sanborn Hall and to all the individuals and local businesses who donate toys, clothing and funds to help make Christmas brighter for these families.  To learn more visit Seacoast Santa NH.