Christmas 2017

“Be The Light” Christmas Campaign

In a world filled with so much judgement, hatred, and violence, it’s often difficult to look past that and view the world as a kind place.  Even if the world around us seems like it will never be a peaceful, loving place,  We can still make a difference.  Sure, a single person can’t stop people from being mean or violent towards each other, and world peace is not within one person’s reach.

However, what we all can do to promote peace, love, and a general respect for others is to practice random acts of kindness.  Acts of kindness, no matter how small, can have such a powerful ripple-effect on others.  When we are all treated with kindness, we will often convey that same kindness towards others and before you know it, we will have impacted quite a few people.  No act of kindness is menial or unimportant; anything done with kindness is significant and beneficial to our world today.