Pastor’s Note

Rev Betsy WebberDear Brothers and Sisters,

In 2015 I retired from full-time ministry to spend time with Paul, to sew quilts, to do the many things I had looked forward to.  However, except for Paul, everything got old fast, and I found myself in a miserable state of mind.  I wasn’t quiet about my misery, and one day an email came from our District Superintendent asking me to meet with him.  I laughed when I realized I hadn’t asked him why.  We met, and almost before his words were out of his mouth asking me if I would be willing to pastor First Church Portsmouth I was saying “Yes!”.

“Coming Home” to First Church is a God-given gift; my yearning through the years to return is a prayer answered…..but….I never expected to pastor our beautiful mission home.  It is my prayer that together we continue the good works of healing and sharing the joy of our Lord with all.

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Betsy

129 Miller Avenue, Portsmouth, NH 03801 (603) 436-6038