Pastor’s Note

Rev Betsy Webber


I want to take a quick moment to extend a warm welcome, whether you’re searching for a place to worship on your faith journey or just having a look at our website we’re delighted to have you here.

I am personally humbled to part of the FUMC church here in Portsmouth as we are all about building positive experiences for the congregation and surrounding community through so many exciting opportuntiies.  It’s all about relationships and every person who walks through our doors is important to us, and we hope that together we can cultivate and grow a meaningful connection between each other, our community and grow in our relationship with God.

While our website will give you some idea of who we are and our mission of worshiping, learning, and serving with all people as we embrace God’s message of love and acceptance we hope you come and see us very soon.

Thanks for visiting and we wish you God’s grace and peace on your journey.


Rev. Betsy